Glade Air Freshener, Aqua Waves 8.3 oz

It’s easier than ever to enjoy waves of freshness. Invigorating Aqua Waves Glade Air Freshener Spray is now bursting with 2x more fragrance*, giving you extra power to revive the vibe. This air freshener for home use a fragrance crafted by master perfumers. With notes of crisp sea salt, lush island flowers and fresh ocean air, it’s lively and invigorating, bringing to mind time spent by the sea. And there’s more great news – the can also got a sleek makeover, while the push button has been changed to give you improved comfort and control. You still get the instantly refreshing burst of scent you love, but now it comes with 2x the fragrance*. Surround yourself with a room air freshener fragrance infused with essential oils. Feel waves of fresh energy and get a fragrance boost that uses 100% natural propellent. It’s made without phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, nitro musks or dyes. With 2x the fragrance*, Invigorating Aqua Waves makes work days feel like beach days. * vs Glade 7.6 oz spray