Birds Eye Corn on the Cob, Extra Sweet, Mini 6 ea

Birds Eye Sweet Mini Corn on the Cob makes it simple and easy for the whole family to enjoy their vegetables. These flash frozen ears of corn were specially selected to provide you and your family with quality vegetables. Birds Eye mini corn is picked at the peak of freshness and makes a tasty addition to any meal. Your family deserves the best when it comes to eating vegetables, that’s why there are no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors added. Enjoy corn on the cob as a side dish at dinnertime. Cooking the frozen sweet corn is simple in 12 minutes or less; boil it on the stove or prepare it in the microwave or on the grill. Keep the 6 count microwave corn fresh in the freezer until ready to enjoy. It’s good to eat vegetables, so Birds Eye makes vegetables good to eat.