Michelina's® Zap 'Ems™ Pasta with Cream Sauce White Turkey and Vegetables 7.5 oz. Tray

Zap. Eat. Yum. 240 calories. 8 g protein. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Our Promise to You: We make our authentic recipes with care, using only the finest ingredients. We promise that you will feel nourished, nurtured and just plain good after having Michelina's. Tasty & simple. Tell us how we're doing. Write to: Bellisio Foods, Inc., PO Box 16630, Duluth MN 55816. For specific product comments, please include the UPC and stamped product identification code located on the carton. Visit our website at: www.Michelinas.com. Facebook. Twitter. Proud sponsor of Operation Homefront.