High Liner Fish Sticks

Fisher Boy: We bring the fun to fish. Made from minced fish. Check out the fun! See back of package! Fun on the high seas! Hi, I'm Telly the Pelly. Looking for fun for your family? Well, count on me - your friendly pelican Telly - to find it! Fun meals and snacks? I find them. Fun things to do together as a family? I find them, too, then bring it all to you! Skull & Crossbones Fish Sticks: Simply cook the Fisher Boy Fish Sticks according to package directions. When finished, cross them on the plate and add a cucumber slice above them. For a cool skull and crossbones look, make a face on the cucumber with ketchup. Enjoy! For more family fun activities and recipe ideas, visit www.fisherboy.com. Scavenger Hunt: Send your little buccaneers on a scavenger hunt around the house, or in the yard, in search of treasures you have hidden. Give each player the first clue, so they can locate the first treasure and get their next clue, to help them find the next treasure, and so on. www.fisherboy.com. For inquiries call 1-888-860-3664. Our Quality Guarantee: If you have any questions or are not completely satisfied with the quality of this product, please call us at 1-888-860-3664.