Zatarain's Frozen Sausage And Chicken Gumbo 12 oz

With Zatarain’s®, it’s easy to experience the flavors of New Orleans any night of the week. Our frozen Sausage & Chicken Gumbo, featuring smoked sausage and white meat chicken with rice and vegetables in a rich, roux gravy, goes from the freezer to the table in minutes. Gumbo is a well-loved family meal enjoyed all over Louisiana. The secret is the well-browned roux that flavors and thickens the stew. We wouldn’t have it any other way – our frozen gumbo is thickened with a rich roux and seasoned with spices like garlic, paprika and red pepper that will have you scraping the plate clean. Enjoy this microwavable meal as a no-cook dinner or easy frozen lunch. It’s ready in just 6 minutes and comes in a convenient bowl so no cleanup is needed.