Ling Ling Fried Rice, Yakitori Chicken, All Natural 22 ea

Authentic Asian flavor. All natural (No artificial ingredients; minimally processed). Recipe with 20% chicken. Ready in 9 min for 1 serving. Contains 2 bags. Cook thoroughly. Ajinomoto: Eat well. Live well. Our Heritage: In the early 1980s, a Taiwanese immigrant family started a local dim sum restaurant near San Francisco. Their delicious potstickers became so popular with customers, that in 1986, they launched Ling Ling based on their family recipe. They chose Ling Ling brand name after one of the two famous pandas gifted to the National Zoo in Washington DC. Since then, Ling Ling has continued to bring the authentic flavors of Asia to your table. A Fusion of Flavor: All across Japan, artisan street vendors grill succulent chicken over an open flame in the popular yakitori style. This satisfying dish combines the smoky flavor of yakitori chicken with savory vegetables and our signature rice. At Ling Ling, we infuse our rice with traditional sauces and seasonings to bring authentic Asian flavor to every bite.