CoolHaus Ice Cream, Sandwich, That Dough Though

Chewy chocolate chip cookies + cookie dough chunks in cookie dough ice cream. Awesome ice cream. Real California milk. Equal partner & organic chocolate. Certified women-owned. Cold-pressed vanilla beans. No bovine growth hormone. Real ingredients. Super premium low over-run. Cage free eggs. 100% delicious. Born & Raise in LA, Our Story: How did I get here? - once in a lifetime, the talking heads. Good question. In 2008, we had a quarter life crisis amidst the recession. We started baking cookies and churning ice cream (obvi), and naming the combos punnily after architects for comic relief at our architecture and real estate offices as everyone was getting laid off. We bought an un-drive-able ice cream truck on Craigslist, and master-minded Triple A to tow us to our first event. We saw an opportunity because nobody had re-invented the, and nobody was selling hand-crafted, unique Ice cream at supermarkets. As food truck and artisanal ice cream pioneers, we dove in and never looked back. Born in LA but coming to a galaxy near you. - Natasha & Freya, Owners & Founders. About This Flavor: The inspiration for this flavor comes from architect Sir David Chipperfield (we couldn't help it with chocolate chip-perfield pun!). We are major fans of his work which is know for being serious, solid not flamboyant or radical, but comfortable with the history and culture of its setting. Learn more about the inspiration behind this flavor at Gram your sam (at)coolhaus. (hashtag)wekeepitreal. Try our pints & bars too!