Cremily Frozen Yogurt, French Vanilla 16 Fl Oz

The Cremily Story: Founded by the passionate and visionary Kylie Schuyler is the world's first authentic French frozen yogurt brand, Cremily. At Cremily's inception, Kylie recruited top chefs and nutritionists to merge traditional, artisanal French yogurt recipes with modern techniques and the highest quality ingredients to formulate some of the most indulgent and the healthiest frozen yogurts you'll ever taste! Cremily was created with the mission of helping girls all over the world, that's why 100% of our profits go towards empowering girls worldwide! We at Cremily strongly believe that by accelerating girls' greatness today, they'll have the skills and resources they need to build a better tomorrow. Taste the difference that makes a difference with Cremily. Each Cremily frozen yogurt dessert provides natural prebiotic and probitics, vitamins, and minerals. Cremily certified french frozen yogurt. Cremily donates 100% of its profits towards empowering girls globally!