Four Corners Local Buzz Golden Ale Craft Beer

Four Corners Local Buzz Golden Ale Craft Beer is a crisp Texas honey beer with a hint of zesty spice. This craft golden ale is brewed with a pale malt base, a Munich body and a nice helping of rye malt. That combination, hecho en DTX, gives this craft brew a subtle yet spicy finish. Hundreds of pounds of wildflower honey in each batch give this blonde ale its signature flavor. Each sip blends caramel and honey flavors seamlessly with citrusy hop notes. Pop open a can of this honey-rye golden ale for a pleasant evening out on the porch, or pair it with rich, flavorful dishes like chicken, fish or pasta. These crowd-pleasing beer cans are the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue line-up. Brew great beer. Elevate beer culture. Drink Responsibly. Four Corners® Brewing Co., Dallas, TX