Fancy Feast Cat Food, Gourmet, Gravy Collection, 12 Twin Packs 12 ea

Triple your cat's delight with the three inspired wet cat food pate recipes in the Purina Fancy Feast Petites Pate Collection gourmet wet cat food variety pack. It’s easy to get your novelty-seeking feline’s attention when she hears you snap apart the two single-serve cat food twin packs in each convenient tub. Our pate cat food variety pack includes an Ocean Whitefish and Tuna entree pate, a Wild Alaskan Salmon cat food entree pate and a Braised Chicken cat food entree pate, and each mouthwatering Fancy Feast pate wet cat food selection presents your discerning companion with a delicate, soft cat food texture she can blissfully nibble. Fancy Feast Petites wet cat food for adult cats give her a perfect serving to appease her cravings without leaving you with a refrigerator full of half-empty cat food cans. Purina Fancy Feast pate variety packs make it easy to always have a tempting array of irresistible flavors and varieties on hand when your little princess is in the mood for a dining experience fit for royalty.