El Monterey Beef & Bean Burritos, Single Serve 4 oz

Enjoy the authentic taste of El Monterey Beef & Bean Burrito with family and friends at dinnertime or gametime, as a frozen snack or anytime hunger strikes. Our frozen burritos are always made with real beef and beans, prepared with authentic Mexican spices and wrapped in an oven-baked tortilla made of flour. Our burrito combinations are as endless as they are satisfying. With 9g of protein and zero trans fat, our 4 ounce frozen bean burrito is something you can feel good about grabbing for a quick bite on the go for cold fall afternoons. Ready in just minutes, our crowd-pleasing, packaged bean burrito combines convenience with delicious El Monterey beef and bean burritos flavors that are sure to satisfy. Microwave bean and cheese burritos for quick lunch meals or prepare them for a hearty, cozy family dinner. If you enjoy tasty frozen appetizers, be sure to try our full range of premade Mexican frozen meals like a steak burrito or breakfast burrito and discover why we are America's #1 maker of frozen lunches, breakfast burritos, frozen snacks and more.