This Dr. Grabow pipe has been carefully crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Our employees, many with more than 40 years in pipe-making, bring a total of some 1400 years of skill to creating the best value-for-quality pipes available in the USA today. Made from quality, natural Mediterranean briar, each pipe passes through 52 production phases, with quality control checks at every stage. Every Dr. Grabow pipe is unique. Care should be taken when using your new pipe for the first six or seven times. Half fill the bowl for the first few smokes and then alternate between full and half full bowls for the next three or four. This allows the heel of the bowl and the bowl itself to develop an even, protective carbon coating which will extend the life of your pipe. Carbon will build up on the inside of the bowl, and provide a natural 'heat shield' which protects the briar bowl. The carbon layer should be allowed to build up until it is no more than the thickness of a dime. Dr. Grabow Pipe Filters: This pipe comes with a free, Dr. Grabow pipe filter already in place. Dr. Grabow filters are America's largest selling pipe filter and are designed to enhance your pipe-smoking pleasure. They fit most pipes available in the USA. Using them regularly will extend the life of your pipe by absorbing the moisture which collects in the pipe bowl. Dill's Premium Pipe Cleaners: We recommend the daily use of Dill's pipe cleaners to keep the stem and shank of your pipe tasting and smelling fresh and clean. A Dill's bristle cleaner should be used once a week to scrub and loosen the solid residue which builds up in the stem and shank of your pipe. Cleaning will extend its life and will ensure a more pleasurable smoking experience. Contact Us: If you want to know more about the Dr. Grabow range of pipes and our other products or where to purchase them, please contact us at; www.DrGrabow.net. Phone: (336) 372-5521. Fax: (336) 372-2875. Made in America by Americans.