Club Mini Crackers, Parmesan Garlic 11.0 oz

Savor the light, flaky, buttery taste of Club Minis mini crackers wherever you go. These miniature-sized crackers are perfect for little fingers or great for a quick snack for kids and adults. Lightly seasoned with big parmesan garlic flavor, these crackers make a tasty and flavor-packed snack for any time of day. They're also an easy win with no cholesterol (1.5g monounsaturated fat, 3g polyunsaturated fat) and made with no artificial colors or flavors; Stock irresistible Club Minis mini crackers in your pantry as a fun, on-the-go snack for everyone. Make them a part of preparing quick, casual meals. Perfect for packing in work totes and adding to lunch snacks, enjoy these crackers on their own or pair with other small snacks like cheese, meats, and fruit. Grab a stack for car rides, school snacks, events, sports games, and just about anywhere life takes you. Your schedule might not always be simple, but with the light crunch and buttery deliciousness of Club Minis Parmesan Garlic mini crackers, snacking is made easy.