Club Cracker Crisps, Ranch 7.1 oz

Experience simple snacking with a savory twist. Club Ranch cracker crisps are light, crispy and buttery with an irresistibly rich ranch flavor. Baked full of delicious, real ingredients such as wheat flour, authentic spices and buttermilk, these tempting cracker crisps make a convenient, easy-to-grab anytime snack. They taste delicious right out of the pouch. Try them as a crispy, flavorful side to soups, salads and chilies; Keep a few pouches in your pantry for the next time you want a satisfying treat. Stash some at work for break time. Or toss a pouch in your backpack or lunch tote to snack between classes. Club Ranch cracker crisps are a delectable alternative to salty chips. This pantry staple is made to enjoy every day, your way.