Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask Whiskey, 90.4 Proof

The Malmsey Madeira casks used to finish this Belle Meade bourbon give it a strikingly robust flavor profile unrivaled in the world of whiskey. Fortified, “cooked,” and aged in time honored tradition, Malmsey Island Madeira is renowned for its rich, sweet, honeyed flavor. Enjoy the warmth and exceptional smoothness of this blend of non-chill filtered, 90.4-proof, 7- to 10-year-old bourbons on the rocks or neat with a splash of water. Its distinctive character also puts a delicious spin on classic cocktails. Hints of dark honey, vanilla, dried black cherry, and hints of toffee and baking spices lead the finish with a touch of malt and chocolate. Proudly bottled in the state of Tennessee. Please enjoy responsibly. © 2020 Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, Nashville, TN. 45.2% alc. by vol. (90.4 proof)