Meiomi Pinot Noir, 2013 750 ml

Monterey County. Sonoma County. Santa Barbara County. Unifying three of California's most notable coastal areas, from the maritime mist of Sonoma, to the chilly fog of Santa Barbara and the howling winds of Monterey in between - our Pinot Noir vineyards lay the foundation for one dynamic blend. With a soft hand in the cellar and aged in French barrels, the wine evolves into an elegant balance of spice and fruit, weight and restraint. Monterey County 37%. Sonoma County 34%. Santa Barbara County 29%. Meiomi (May-OH-mee), meaning coast in the language of the California Wappo tribe, truly symbolizes the origin of this Pinot Noir. Each of the vineyards chosen for Meiomi offers the best expression of their appellations along the California coast: a layered blend of Santa Barbara's spice-filled aromas; Sonoma's bright berry flavors; and Monterey's rich textures. The wines are carefully crafted so that these characteristics continue to enhance and build on each other for an evocative and memorable Pinot Noir. Joseph J. Wagner Winemaker. 13.8% alcohol by volume. Vinted & bottled by meiomi Wines, St. Helena, CA.