1871. Bottle conditioned. The Moortgat family brewery. Refreshing and golden like a Pilsner, but with the flavor, depth and complexity of an ale, this Belgian favorite has been brewed by four generations of the Moortgat family. The Pilsner malts, Bohemian hops and unique yeast strain combine to create Duvel's intensity, aroma and oomph. And the unusually long maturation process at our brewery ensures a mellow, balanced and beguiling flavor. - Moortgat Family. Duvel. Different for a reason. 1. Weird looking: Shaped to release the beer's abundant aromas, the Duvel glass allows the beer to slip under our distinctive head, and onto your expectant taste buds. 2. Vertically challenged: Duvel's bottle is short and stubby, and made from heavy-weight glass to withstand pressure created by bottle fermentation. The brown glass prevents UV damage. 3. Respect your elders: This Belgian classic brings forth brewing methods and standards that have operated at our Breendonk brewery since 1871. 4. Pale but interesting: Behind Duvel's golden hues and refreshing taste is a deep, complex and intriguing ale with big flavor. 5. Guaranteed not fresh: Duvel is fermented 3 times. Why? Flavor, depth, complexity and character. Everything you look for in a new acquaintance! 6. Big headed, but humble: Created by champagne-like bubbles mingling with proteins formed during the malting process, the luxuriant head is Duvel's distinctive calling card. Four generations of the Moortgat Family have brought together Pilsner malts, Bohemian hops, and a unique yeast strain to create this intense, aromatic and beguiling ale. Brewed and bottled by Duvel Moortgat. 8.5% alc./vol. Pour unhurriedly. Brewed and bottled in Belgium.