True Belgian-Style quadrupel 2011. Top fermented and bottle conditioned. Ale with cherry-lambic added. 98% ale - 2% ale with cherries added. Brewery Ommegang is 3,264 miles from Brussels, but its heart is right in Belgium. It was created out of our devotion to the unique ales brewed by the country where brewing is an art and partaking is a passion. Our techniques are thoroughly Belgian and completely traditional. We use Belgian specialty malts, hops, and our own signature house-propagated yeast. Open fermentation, bottle conditioning, and warm cellaring all contribute to the flavorful character of our ales. Part of the Duvel family of fine ales. Created by blending a rich, malty, Belgian-style ale with authentic Kriek, a classic cherry ale from Belgium, our Quadrupel is cultured yet wild, curious yet wise. And remember: Philosophy begins in wonder - Plato. Cellared at the brewery. Postulating flavors of sweet caramel malt and dark cherries, Three Philosophers will confound your tongue and inspire your mind. Created by blending a rich, malty Belgian-style ale with authentic Belgian kriek, a cherry ale, our Quadrupel is cultured yet wild, curious yet wise, and the preferred drink for all mental travelers. 9.8% alc. vol.