Michelob® Lager. Michelob Brewing Co. 12 - 12 fl oz bottles. Since 1896. A unique blend of hallertau, strissel spalt and other hop varieties combined with two-row barley malt to create our signature, munich-style lager. St. Louis, Missouri. First brewed in 1896 as a beer for connoisseurs, Michelob original lager is a full bodied beer that boasts a unique blend of imported hops combined with a special blend of malt to create our signature, time-honored taste. Michelob is distinguished by its wonderful golden color, classic hop aroma and slightly sweet taste which finishes with tantalizing notes of malt. Questions/comments call: 1-888-MICHELOB (1-888-642-4356). www.michelob.com. ©2014 Michelob Brewing Co., Michelob® lager (beer in TX), St. Louis, MO.