Balance Bar Chocolate Raspberry

Balance Bar® Chocolate Raspberry Nutrition Bar. New! Gluten free. Carbohydrates, 40%. Protein (13g), 30%. Fat/0g trans fat, 30%. % of total calories. For lasting energy. 13g protein. Gluten free. 4g fiber. 23 vitamins & minerals. Excellent source of antioxidants (Vit A, C & E). GF. Certified gluten free. We all strive for balance in our hectic lives - juggling between work, family, working out and eating right. Since 1992, to make life easier, we challenged ourselves to create balanced nutrition that tastes great. With a proven formula that has the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat, we make sure to provide you with energy that lasts so you can get through your busy day and feel good about what you had to eat. Enjoy what keeps you going. - From your friends at Balance Bar. Certified gluten free by GFCO, Visit us at ©2012 Balance Bar Company.