J. Skinner Sweet Rolls, Strawberry 22 oz

J. Skinner® Sweet Strawberry Fields Rolls™. Modern artisan baking. With silky strawberry icing. Natural & artificial flavors. These are no ordinary sweet rolls you purchased because we don't take shortcuts in our baking process or with our ingredients. Our special recipe and 2-step mixing process creates a firm and full dough delivering a rich texture and taste that is simply sensational. Combined with our irresistible fillings, these sweet rolls are fluffy, soft and bursting with flavor. At J. Skinner, we are truly dedicated to crafting the finest quality baked goods available. We hope you agree. If you're not completely satisfied with this product, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-358-7428. Thank you for purchasing this J. Skinner bakery product. We'd love to hear from you after you have tried this goodie. Let the fun begin with a combination of our tender, sweet dough and scrumptious strawberry filling all topped with a delicate strawberry icing. Tamper-evident safety seal package. GreenPalm. Sustainability 1-800-358-7428. Stop by our website and drop us a line at skinnerbaking.com.