Bunny Bread, Honey Wheat

Low in fat. No saturated fat. No hydrogenated oils. No trans fats. No cholesterol. A good source of B vitamins, folic acid. Made with pure honey! A good grain-based food. 0 g Trans fats. 100% Soybean oil (non-hydrogenated). No potassium bromate. Bunny Honey Wheat Bread for everyone in the family. With Bunny Honey Wheat Bread, you get: complex carbohydrates that supply your body with sustained energy throughout your busy day. A good source of B vitamins that help metabolize your food to produce energy and help to combat stress. A low fat, heart-healthy food with no saturated fat or trans fats. Premium ingredients and the sweetness of honey for a soft, delicious taste that makes any meal better! When you eat Bunny Honey Wheat Bread you eat healthy, you eat delicious, you eat smart! For the taste you'll love, combined with the nutrition you need, enjoy Bunny Honey Wheat Bread!