Anderson Pretzels, Mini Twist

Long before our first trucks carried our pretzels out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, H.K. Anderson's father twisted his first pretzel by hand. Since 1888, we've kept the same promise: To make quality snacks for everyone. As the Industrial Age brought processed foods into the homes of Americans, H.K. Anderson's father, Bill, made a promise to remain pure and simple. He opened up shop on Charlotte Street and set about making fresh, quality pretzels by hand. Folks from all around Lancaster Country flocked to the small bakery to crunch on the best pretzels in town and talk about baseball or the recent election of Benjamin Harrison to the office of President. Back in 1888, it took a day for the eight Anderson bakers to make just a little over 500 pounds of pretzels. We've since grown out of that little brick bakery, but we're still making quality snacks for everyone. Like H.K. Anderson, and his father before him, we make the best pretzels in town.