PaperPro Stapler, Compact, Inspire 15

Jam-free. 15 sheets. One-finger stapling. Be ready to go. Try me. I'm easy. Features: jam-free; lightweight; non-slip base; compact; 15 sheets. A flirty + light-hearted office piece, the InSpire 15 Compact is ready for action, whenever + wherever your stapling fantasies may take you. One-finger easy spring-powered stapling technology. S: 26/6 standard staples. 3 year limited warranty. Experience Better: Life throwing lemons your way? Grab your PaperPro to experience better. Indulge in its easy-to-use, one-finger stapling technology for a moment of bliss that whisks you away to your happy place. How to Experience Better: Be ready to go. Portable power at your fingertips. Beat the daily grind. Do it big. Made in Taiwan.