Spice Classics Cajun Seasoning 4 oz

Spice Classics® Cajun Seasoning brings taste inspired by of Southern Louisiana cooking to your kitchen. This seasoning delivers quality and flavor, whether you sprinkle it on traditional dishes or use it to spice up your signature recipes. With some Cajun seasoning on hand, you'll always be ready to bring the heat. This seasoning contains a perfectly balanced blend of quality spices to ensure consistency and performance in the kitchen. Robust flavors are a cornerstone of Cajun cooking, so this blend uses salt, onion, garlic, and spices like red pepper and paprika. Spice Classics® Cajun Seasoning flavors gumbo, jambalaya and po'boys. It also enhances the flavors of seafood favorites like crawfish and catfish. Spice Classics® Cajun Seasoning can also infuse its distinct, robust flavor into vegetables and fish dishes. You can also add a dash to chicken, shrimp and even steak before cooking. Cajun seasoning is ideal for putting a burst of flavor in everything from soups to salads. Ensure your customers indulge in nothing but the best with this Cajun spice.